1 Year Of Fotolog Of The Week

Fotolog Of The Week is celebrating its first anniversary this week with a selection of 20 of my favorite boys. Some pictures look almost identical, no?

I can't believe I have been posting fotologs every Tuesday for a year already, which brings me to question if that is something I should keep on doing on the blog as I move forward. Please let me know what your thoughts are. There are more pictures after the jump.

Want to have your favorite fotolog featured here? Email me at blogmadeinbrazil (at) gmail.com.


yyesssssssssssssss u should keep doing this......just saying hello from toronto caanada ciaoz

please dont stop the fotologs! they are the reason i get up every tuesday morning!

please, I beg you deeply, don't stop the fotologs.

You know brazilians are the hottest male species on Earth, and by posting each of them every week will certainly contribute to the World Peace, Amen

Your fan from Singapore

Please continue to shoot this great fotos! we all love it and we all LUVE YOU! Viva os Brazileiros!
Greetings from Greece!

If the mens are still posing...keep showing!!!

I took an informal poll of myself and all my personalities, and we vote that you keep doing them 8 to 1 with 1 abstention.

I wonder how many do it for money???

Are you asking if we're bored with endless photos of Brazilian Peacocks strutting their stuff? Ha! Maybe when my penis falls off?

Most (if not all) of the guys look similar.


They're all tan, buff and beefy, dark features, and possess not one ounce of modesty when strutting their stuff for the camera.

Hey! Who's the seventh guy? I don't remember him but he's hot!

so many men so little time..... thank you for the pictures keep them coming....

yes, who are the seventh men? i don"t remember of him but he's the better and hotter

The seventh guy is Duda Perin, one of the first fotologs to be featured here. It is probably hard to recognize him with clothes.

Yes, please keep doing them. They're my favorite part of this site. I don't know how you find them (wish fotolog.net had a decent search or tags or something)...

I touch myself when I see these ! And I'll let you guess where :-) Please keep them
cummmmmING !!!!



Where do you find all of these hot bitches?!?!?! They drive me crazy; in other words...sometimes I drool! They are so beautiful!!! I'm sooo going to Brazil!

What happened to the dude that won last years fotolog of the yar? he was so hot!

Thanks for all the great posts and inspiration, WE LOVE MADE IN BRAZIL!

hot guys as in..>>>
more pics and more power to you!!!

Oh YES... Please do continue with the great fotologs!!

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