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I am totally depressed. For some unknown reason, my laptop froze yesterday late in the afternoon. When I turned it on, all I saw was a file with a question mark, which is pretty much a near death experience for Mac users. I have just left it at the Apple store for repair this morning, and the genius behind the bar told me I will most likely lose all my data and programs. Even though I do have the habit of backing up, the thought of having to load everything back on my Powerbook is already killing me.


My deepest sympathy...i hope it all turns out ok...

Hi, I know this is probably too late for you to do anything, as you already gave your Mac to the shop.

But what that flashing question mark means is that your computer cannot find the system. And without the system it cannot get started, like your car with no engine.

So, if you insert the system CD, you can startup on that system and still access your files in the HD.

Better still, if you attach your powerbook to another computer, by firewire for example, you can run your bad machine as an external HD and transfer the files, programs or whatever to the other machine.

You could even try reinstalling the system from the system CD without any loss of files etc.

Try it out in the future if you have trouble. You would be very suprised what you can do with no special knowledge or skills.

Best of luck anyway.


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