Speedo Sundays: São Paulo Pride 2006

I have decided that no matter what I am going to be in São Paulo next year for Pride, and get my ass on one of these floats (maybe even in a swimsuit since it seems to be the attire of choice for the weather).

More swimsuits and proud shirtless boys after the jump.

All pictures via G Online. If you were in the city for the event and would like to send pictures to Made In Brazil, please email them to blogmadeinbrazil@gmail.com.


I sooo wish I had been in Saõ Paolo for the parade! Had to go back home on friday after a rotation with my friends on the swissair crew from monday to friday.

However, a big shoutout to the wonderful people I met @ Ritz, Spot, Gourmet and Ultralounge - U ROCK! ;)


Brazil has the hottest guys and the hottest Pride! HAPPY PRIDE BRAZIL! And win that World Cup while you are at it!

Wow! I'm so happy to hear that. The Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo has been growing steadily and exponentially. I participated in 6 of them and I am very proud of that. You have got to go to one. The energy is amazing.

The boys of Brazil are HOT HOT HOT!

If I didn't have to learn Portuguese to move there, I'd be heading for Sao Paolo on the next boat!

wow so many hot guys!!!

You may get the boy out of the speedo but the speedo will always find the right boy.
San Jose

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