Risky Business

It is not often that a Brazilian makes it to the cover of the NY Post, so I had to highlight it here. The story of madam Andreia Schwartz (probably Andreia Silva or something like that before she wed), now arrested on charges of running an upscale brothel, surfaced two weeks ago, but got the cover today as she revealed the name of another hot-shot corporate client of hers. Some precious quotes from her statement:

"I just hook guys up with girls if they want them."

"I never considered myself a drug dealer. I just supply cocaine to my clients, because if I don't, they will go someplace else."

"America is the best country to invest in, so why is that wrong?"

Aside from her apartment, Schwartz claimed to have about $330,000 in a savings account and $30,000 in a checking account, which she got from selling an apartment in Chelsea. Now that is a good business woman in my opinion ("should I make this blog an escort site?" is what I am thinking as I write this).

I guess it is thanks to that (and the thousands of ads in the back pages of HX and Next), that guys in New York give you a funny look (thinking they will definitely get laid) when you say "I'm Brazilian."


That's what i call 'the lowest commom denominator'.

Gay Brazilians seem to have this expected reputation for always being ready to party and available for sex. I relate to your comment as feeling slightly uncomfortable as well by telling someone at a bar/club/party that I'm Brazilian and getting the "Oh, Brazilian men are always so hot/hung/etc". Gets old quick...
Lets take in consideration also that NYC, Miami and LA are the cities stocked with the best looking Brazilian men here in the US, specially the party crowd. The hot guys don't last long in Boston or vicinities...

I've linked to you from the latest post on my blog. It's a very interesting case, isn't it? So, will the 'husband' who has just appeared on the scene rescue his damsel wife and sweep her away to HK? Stay Tuned!

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