Reliving São Paulo Pride: Shirtless Boys

My friend Dudi finally got his act together and emailed me his pictures from São Paulo Gay Pride. Here is a look at his personal selection of shirtless muscle boys at The Week, my favorite club in the city.

To view more pictures (as well as all of these in full size), check out the Pride 2006 photo album I have just uploaded (for a limited time only).


And just when I thought I had completely readjusted to life in New York again you yank me back to one of the best vacations I've had in loooong while.

Thanks letting me relieve all the fun I had at The Week.

You Brazilians are so hot ... God love ya!

All my best.

Pride 2007 I must be in Sao Paulo to savor the beauty, the men, the culture, and the fun which will be prevalent.

I am SOOOOO there for Pride of 2007...does anyone know the dates yet so I can book the airfare?

When is the gay pride paraded in Sao Paulo -- the dates from june 2007 ??? I would love love to go-- Thank Kirk

very hot


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