Pride Around The World

The parades continued in Brazil this past weekend with 55 thousand people at the beach in Niterói, 30 thousand in Campinas, 15 thousand in Brasília, and half a million in Fortaleza, which is surprisingly the same number of people registered in New York.

I did not really attend any of the festivities in the Big Apple, but I was glad to see that the rainy weather did not stop the boys from celebrating. As you know by now, J. Lo performed for the shirtless boys at the Pier Dance (click here for a small clip). And just to remind you that my Brazilians are always representing...

More coverage of Pride in New York at Queerty, Gays Of Our Lives, and Towleroad. My Brazilian buddy at Queer Beacon reports on Pride in Seattle. Find out Brazilians in Paris for Pride at Ohlala Paris.


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