Please Explain... (A Sinking Ship In Milan)

How do you cast all the hottest boys on the planet and make them look as unsexy and silly as possible? I do not have the answer, but I have a feeling that the stylist behind the spring 2007 Etro show may be an expert on the subject.

Will someone please tell me this was just a joke? I hope at least that the invite for the show had some circus reference going on. Click to enlarge.

And now a quote from Tim Blanks' review at "Come to think of it, acid would probably have helped the audience fathom the visual and aural farrago of this show." And he was being kind.


RIGHT ON!!! man I was just thinking this morning that no man looks good in capri length anything, unless you are a strong beautiful man who fishes and boats for a living on some island shore, or you are less than 10 years old then fine, otherwise NO.... great post, thanks!

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