Risky Business

It is not often that a Brazilian makes it to the cover of the NY Post, so I had to highlight it here. The story of madam Andreia Schwartz (probably Andreia Silva or something like that before she wed), now arrested on charges of running an upscale brothel, surfaced two weeks ago, but got the cover today as she revealed the name of another hot-shot corporate client of hers. Some precious quotes from her statement:

"I just hook guys up with girls if they want them."

"I never considered myself a drug dealer. I just supply cocaine to my clients, because if I don't, they will go someplace else."

"America is the best country to invest in, so why is that wrong?"

Aside from her apartment, Schwartz claimed to have about $330,000 in a savings account and $30,000 in a checking account, which she got from selling an apartment in Chelsea. Now that is a good business woman in my opinion ("should I make this blog an escort site?" is what I am thinking as I write this).

I guess it is thanks to that (and the thousands of ads in the back pages of HX and Next), that guys in New York give you a funny look (thinking they will definitely get laid) when you say "I'm Brazilian."

Milan S/S 2007: Calvin Klein

I do not think I have ever paid as much attention to a Calvin Klein show as I did to this collection for spring 2007. There was just something incredibly innovative about it, which reminded me of Helmut Lang's genious cleanliness and take on fabric. The focus on the legs seen in other shows was there also, in a series of shorts (always tammed by long sleeve shirts or jackets), as well as in ankle length cycling shorts. The last white v-neck sweater shown with aqua leggings is by far one of my favorite pieces from the spring collections. Click on images to enlarge.

Momento Futebol: Stretch

Milan S/S 2007: Gucci

Yes, the sexy jet setter Gucci man is back! On her first menswear venture for the brand, Frida Giannini delivered the goods look after look, and got everyone excited for the first time since Mr. Ford's departure, with the most well-rounded collection presented in Milan this season (IMHO). The color palette was incredible, and so was her mix of luxury fabrics and skins (you know that the brown python jacket shown with purple trousers is going to be on every editorial come January). And doing what she does best, Ms. Giannini took the accessories to the next level with Chelsea boots, super sexy sandals, bohemian suede mocassins, and one of the best selection of men's bags ever presented at Gucci. A collection to be remembered. Click on images to enlarge.

Momento Futebol: Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Acting sexy or simply licking his lips during the National Anthem yesterday? Via Philipinas.

Picture This: Marcelo Krasilcic

Mix Brasil is featuring an interview with NY-based Brazilian photographer Marcelo Krasilcic, whose work has been published in magazines such as Vogue Hommes, Out, Dazed & Confused, and Visionaire. If you can read in Portuguese, check it out. To take a look at Mr. Krasilcic's incredible portfolio, visit his website asap.

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