Victoria's Secret Bootcamp Latest Victim

Caroline Francischini is the latest Brazilian bombshell to pose for Victoria's Secret catalog. It is yet uncertain if she will get her wings and join the league of sexy Angels, which is half-Brazilian already. Via SPFW.


Ok this has gotten out of hand.God knows i love Brazilian models but this is too much for one brand!

she's beautiful!

She will be appearing in VS 2007 show... confirmed! BAD LUCK RENE!

well it is so obvious why victoria's secret chooses all the brazilian models. they are the easiest to take their clothes off.. come on they are not even that pretty. if you look at adriana lima you will understand, her teeth are a mess so is her big blown face.(baby fat) there are so many beautiful american women out there (stephanie seymour look alikes) this brazilian thing is just a phase. as soon as gisele's career will be over brazilian models are as good as dead. people are honestly getting bored with it. why doesn't the modeling agencies go to romania and see where the true beauties are from (I was there once and every other girl looks like sophia loren. no kidding.) if any modeling agency is readying this please take this seriously and go to romania. gypsy girls are beautiful. they have this wild look in their eyes. then you'll forget about brazil. lol.

she's very beautiful. and, despite her young age, she's mature (at least the way she expresses her thoughts is mature) and smart. very recently she's become my idol. Carol, a big carrer is ahead you!

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