Speedo Sundays: The Hairy Surfer

If you haven't overdosed on Igor Rosa yet this week, here is a little more (I just had to post these today).

Question though: doesn't his swimsuit look exactly like the one worn by Juliano Lopes back in January? I wonder if it has been recycled, and who will be the next victim.

More pictures after the jump, and the complete set at The Boy.


he is hot!!!!!

What a BABE! His hairy body excites me. His huge package thrills me.

speechless totally MIB you've done it again ... too bad can't access The Boy :(

I have to say he is my favorite.

he is gorgeous hes perfect!

I love you I love you I love you. It's like Christmas in May!

nice ass, package hottttttttttt!

this web site s perfect

no comments

What a wonderful looking guy!! You did real well again.

he is a cutie very sexy

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