Role Model

Two years after visiting the Amazon with her then-beau Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bündchen decided to get involved in the campaign for the reforestation and water preservation in the Xingu area. The model posed wearing a t-shirt benefiting the Y Ikatu Xingu campaign, and will discuss environmental issues next week when she will be in the country for the Colcci show at Fashion Rio.

After the jump, another picture from this month's issue of Vogue Brazil with Gisele.


I am sooo proud of her.Right when I started looking to other models for inspiration she got back to #1 on my list.I hope she's able to accomplish something with the depleting rainforrest :(

very soon i'll get to tell her to her face that she's awesome .. (i hope :P ) . shes really something else , apart from the other models.. her personality really stands out .. #1 on my list 2 bro .. and im a girl :P :D

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