Ready To Confess

After watching these clips from the Confessions Tour rehearsals today in LA, I can't to watch the concert at Madison Square Garden on July 3.

I am sure many more like these (and even better ones) will have surfaced by the morning, and I am sure they will be everywhere. The complete set list and more pictures after the jump. Via Madonna Online and Madonna Tribe.

1. Future Lovers
2. Get Together
3. Like A Virgin
4. Jump
5. Live To Tell
6. Forbidden Love
7. Isaac
8. Sorry
9. Like It Or Not
10. Sorry (Remix)
11. I Love New York
12. Let It Will Be
13. Ray Of Light
14. Drowned World/ Substitute For Love
15. Paradise (Not For Me)
16. Music
17. Las Isla Bonita
18. Erotica/ You Thrill Me
19. Lucky Star
20. Hung Up


I'm mad I have to wait till June 21st to see her!!

More pics and video from opening night

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