Momento Futebol: Adriano

Just look at the legs and try to understand my obsession.

Role Model

Two years after visiting the Amazon with her then-beau Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bündchen decided to get involved in the campaign for the reforestation and water preservation in the Xingu area. The model posed wearing a t-shirt benefiting the Y Ikatu Xingu campaign, and will discuss environmental issues next week when she will be in the country for the Colcci show at Fashion Rio.

After the jump, another picture from this month's issue of Vogue Brazil with Gisele.

A Gay Dictionary

This week Brazil welcomes its first dictionary entirely devoted to what I like to call Portugays. Created and edited by Vitor Ângelo and Fred Lib, it is entitled "Aurélia, a Dicionária da Língua Afiada," making fun of Brazil's most notorious dictionary. It features 1,300 terms associated with gay culture all across the country, and it is available online at Editora do Bispo and Livraria Cultura for R$24.

Warning: I don't really recommend it to tourists trying to fit in because I don't think any of you want to cruise at a bar in Brazil talking like a drag queen. Browsing through it though would probably be a lot of fun even if you happen to be straight.

Fotolog Of The Week: Jocão

Time to get back to a hot chest and a killer set of abs, and there is all that and much more at Jocão's fotolog.

There is plenty of shirtless partying too (the only way to really party in my opinion), and even friends in swimwear.

As well as watersports, which are after the jump.

Momento Futebol

As long as the photographers keep on taking pictures like these, I will feel obliged to keep on posting them: more moments of joy from the Brazilian team in Switzerland.

Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Adam R.

To celebrate Memorial Day, here is a sneak peek at Massachussets boy Adam R., courtesy of All American Guys. I thought the camouflage shorts were somewhat appropriate.

Click on images to enlarge. There is more after the jump.

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