Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Adam R.

To celebrate Memorial Day, here is a sneak peek at Massachussets boy Adam R., courtesy of All American Guys. I thought the camouflage shorts were somewhat appropriate.

Click on images to enlarge. There is more after the jump.

Fo more pictures and videos of Adam R. and many other hot guys, make sure to check out All American Guys.


hi Adam! so hot! oh yes............

god dang boi

wow that is 1 hot body man im going to have a hot guy with a great body somethime.

Totally fucken sexy!!! Oh baby!!

You look very fit! and that iz deffinetly a TURN-ON hehe :)

Wow.....he's got a great ass

Hot, hot, hot!!!!


These are some of the hottest guys I've seen. thanks

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