Los Angeles is for people who sleep

Madonna did not change the lyrics to "I Love New York" for her performance at Coachella this past Sunday. If you missed the festival, check out the videos courtesy of my friend Ricardo, who endured the desert sun and dust in order to get them.

The first clip features Madonna playing the guitar, and the second features "Get Together," one of my favorite songs from the album. After watching the clips, I can't wait to go to her concert in July. Madonna takes her pants off in two more videos after the jump.

The second clip is of Madonna's guitar version of "Ray Of Light."


She looks fierce! I can't wait to see her sing I Love New York in New York. The whole arena is just going to explode. I'm SO excited.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to you and your friend Ricardo! I've been dying to see this!

I'm sort of glad I didn't fly across the country to see this show, but it only whets our appetite for the main course in a few weeks ...

Thanks for confirming she did not change the lyrics. Drudge can F**K OFF! He started the nasty rumor yesterday.

simply great !!!!!!!
all my best kisses from France
GR 40, Lille north of France

join my Madonna Multimedias yahoo egroup !

I can't wait to see her. Madonna is coming and the temprature is rising here in HOLLAND.

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