Fotolog Of The Week: Nick N.

No, this is not a member of Angelina Jolie's posse looking for a cool new baby. It is Nick, this week's featured fotolog boy, and the only real charity he has been doing is posting tons of pictures like the ones below.

And he is not only the proud owner of a ripped 6-pack, he is also a model who has apparently been spending some time in Asia (without forgetting about his Brazilian swimsuit heritage).

That's it: I am not eating a single carb until Memorial Day. There is more after the jump.

And here are some modeling shots. FYI, there are many more on his fotolog.


not hot

Gotta luv a guy who's travelled... and he's been to Malaysia - cool! That's where I grew up. Heard that lately there's been quite a few Bazilian tourists and model assignments there.

And he's fit :-)

Was that picture with a little baby taken in Korea? It seems to be.

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