Channel Your Inner Madonna

With the Confessions Tour scheduled to take off in less than two weeks in LA, you know that we will soon be seeing fans covered in sequins, or perhaps even in the lavender corset Madonna wore in the video for "Sorry," which can be purchased online at Period Corsets.

I will not be sporting a corset at the concert, but I have to admit that seeing all the people who dress up like Madonna is half of the fun of actually going to Madison Square Garden.

Madonna Online is still pushing for a concert in Brazil, and has already gathered over 9,500 signatures for its online petition. My feeling is that Madonna will skip the beach in Copacabana once again regardless. Madonna Online also reveals today the artwork for the cover of the third single (click to enlarge):

Update: Fan site Madonnalicious has new sketches by Jean Paul Gautier for the tour costumes.

And there are many more of them here.


i love the single cover!!!!

awesome! the sketches are great! is that Madonna with a crown of thorns??!! hehe

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