Brazilian Samba For Naomi

My favorite Brazilianizer is busy planning a 3-day bash for her birthday this weekend. Apparently, Ms. Campbell booked 18 floors of the notorious Burj Al Arab in Dubai for her guests, and spent $1.5 million in the extravaganza. Sunday is going to be a white party (perhaps inspired by her friend Diddy), Monday is going to be dedicated to hip hop, and Tuesday is going to be about Brazilian Samba. Is this just another attempt to get her a much wanted Brazilian citizenship? I am not sure, but I can't wait to see the pictures.


I love her!! I was in Bahia a few weeks ago, and bribed the landy at the sall restaurant to give me the display. The vogue issue (Brasil) featurig Ms Campbell through out...Love her, love the

She got moeny like that! Check me out

I also cant wait to see those pictures. great post.

Ms. Campbell does not have the sympathy of the poor people, I call tell you that,even in U.K. where is she from. This is none of my business and she can do what she wants, but spending millions of dollars for a birthday bash just to let people know that you are "alive and kicking" is not helpful. She could have donated the money to charities to help starving and sick people in Africa or elsewhere and by doing this she could have a difference in her life and the world.

I would not patronize people who for their own self angrandizement or self love just could not care less to what happen to their needy neighbors.

Maria La'O

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