Weekend in SP: Babylon at The Week

I am not into big clubs, but I always make an exception and check out The Week whenever I am in São Paulo.

What makes it such a great club? The outdoor area with a bar and a pool (not that I have ever jumped in, but it is nice to know it's there in case of emergency), the two dancefloors, the valet service, the friendly staff, the go-go boys, a selection of the best national (and imported) DJs, hundreds of hot shirtless guys, and most importantly, the fact that you can pee outside in an area covered by a garden and palmtrees (and not having to wait in line after a couple of drinks is priceless).

Anyway, I thought that images would better illustrate the mood in the club, so I took my camera with me, and put together two videos for your viewing pleasure. The first one is from the main dancefloor and go-go boys, and the second one is from the smaller dancefloor (pay attention to the lighting).

Because I am feeling generous today, you can also click here and here to download the videos (for a limited time only). There are more pictures after the jump.

I guess it is unnecessary to say that I danced my ass off all night, and did not leave until 6:30 in the morning. The music was great, and so was the crowd, and that is why I keep on going back.

Ready to get on a plane? I want to thank the staff at The Week for being extra nice to me. I will be back soon.


hahah, a dor banheiro foi otima!
e vc viu que rola uma pegação básica né?

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