Skinheads make victims in São Paulo

At 2:40 am on Saturday, a gang of skinheads attacked two guys and two girls at a bar at Rua da Consolação in the Jardins neighborhood of the city. One of the guys was stabbed several times, and remains at the hospital.

According to the police, the victims were sitting outside of a bar when a gang of 12 to 15 skinheads surrounded them and started attacking with no apparent reason, running away immediately after the attack. Since several gay bars are located in the particular street where the crime happened, the police suspects the victims were attacked because of their sexuality. So far no suspects have yet been arrested.

Earlier this month, a gang of skinheads stabbed two guys and ran over four guys in São Mateus in São Paulo. This previous attack was related to the neo-nazi movement.

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Oh my, I hope the victims will be alright...

That's it! My trip to Brazil if off. Europe, here I come!

Are you saying that such a thing does not happen in Europe as well?

A major theme of Brazilian Skins is hatred of _Nordestinos_
(Northeasterners), people from the impoverished Northeastern states
who have migrated in increasing numbers to the large cities in
search of a better life. The issue parallels immigration problems in
Europe and the United States, stimulating the same popular fears of
job loss and insecurity. Brazil's racist Skinheads, like their
counterparts elsewhere, thrive on such fears.

The largest concentration of Brazilian neo-Nazi Skinheads is in Sao
Paulo, an industrial city of more than 10 million people. An
estimated 1,000 Skins roam the city's streets behaving in the usual
menacing Skinhead manner. Three separate groups operate in the city:

1. Carecas do Suburbio (Skinheads of the suburbs), a gang
noted for its ultra-nationalism and gay-bashing, which hangs around
bars in the eastern part of the city.

2. Carecas do ABC (ABC Skinheads), named for the initials of
three industrial suburbs. They subscribe to the fascist doctrines of
Plinio Salgado, the 1930's leader of the "Integralists." The ABC
Skins are extremely violent and hostile towards Jews, homosexuals
and Northeasterners.

3. White Power Skinheads, an avowedly Nazi gang that is the
most violent of all. They hate Jews, blacks, homosexuals and
Northeasterners, and advocate the secession of the more prosperous
southern Brazil from the rest of the country.

Elsewhere in Brazil, there are fewer Skinheads than in Sao Paulo,
but they still present serious problems. In Rio de Janeiro, a
neo-Nazi gang named Carecas do Brasil (Skinheads of Brazil) operates
in the Bangu neighborhood. Other gangs are active in the city of
Pelotas, in the sourther state of Rio Grande do Sul; in Curitiba,
the capital of the state of Parana; and in the cities of the
Florianopolis and Blumenau in the state of Santa Catarina.

Violent Lifestyle

Crimes of violence are intrinsic to the lifestyle of Brazil's
Skinheads. Most such crimes are not reported, for the same reasons
that crime generally is under-reported in Brazil. The criminal
episodes listed below are but a portion of the whole.

In September 1992, two Jewish students from Beith Chabad were set
upon and brually beaten by 12 Skinheads. The assault took place in
Santo Andre, a suburb of Sao Paulo.

During the same month, Sao Paulo Skinheads, shouting "Death to the
Northeasterners," painted a red swastika on the wall of a cultural
center for Northeastern migrants.

In November 1992, a black man sleeping on a bench in downtown Sao
Paulo was seized and severely beaten by Skinheads shouting racist

Sao Paulo's Radio Actual has had racist slogans painted on its
walls. The station programs for Northeaster migrants.

Two Jewish cemetaries were desecrated in Porto Alegre, and the walls
of the Jewish Society of Pelotas were covered with anti-Semitic
slogans. Skinheads are believed to have been responsible.

In January 1993, 50 Skinheads scrambled aboard a Sao Paulo bus and
assaulted its passengers. The week before, 40 Skinheads were
arrested following a riot in Epinotec, a discotheque in downtown Sao

In March 1994, members of the Carecas do ABC Skinhead gang murdered
a 15-year-old black youngster, one of Sao Paulo's "street urchins."

The Brazilian federal government and the state of Sao Paulo have
officially condemned Skinhead offenses, and, in many cases, have
taken effective action against the gangs. In April 1994, the federal
police began operating a new department specializing in crimes
motivated by racism.

The Music Scene

Brazil's Skinheads listen to the same songs, performed by the same
bands, as do Skinheads everywhere. Their fanzines, which list their
favorite bands, offer a roster of names familiar to Skinheads around
the world: the English bands No Remorse and Skrewdriver, France's
Legion 88, Sweden's Ultima Thule, and others.

Two local Skinhead bands have arisen in Brazil. The better-known
one, Locomotiva, is a Sao Paulo group. In a 1992 interview with a
local fanzine, the band's spokesman, "Ivan," said the group had been
influenced by the music of Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack and Peggior
Amico (an Italian group). He said the band had one record on the
market, "Sao Paulo Patria," produced by the French record company
Rebelles Europeens.

The other Brazilian band, GSB, was founded in 1990. Its initials
stand for Grupo Separatista Branco (White Separatist Group). Less
popular than Locomotiva, its views are openly Nazi.

Skinhead recordings are not readily available in music shops in
Brazil, but can be obtained by mail order. One such mail order
outfit operates out of a post office box in Santo Andre.

Two openly racist skinzines, _Orgulho Paulista_ and _Determinacao E
Coragem_, have made appearances in Brazil, with offerings of
interviews, ratings of bands, and announcements about the Skinhead
music scene. Both express admiration for such hate groups from the
United States as the Ku Klux Klan, the Church of the Creator and
Gary Lauck's NSDAP-AO. (Anti-Defamation League, 17-19)

thanks for the info, gustavo.

No, Europe is just what my mind gave me when I asked "Vacation spots." I'll still visit Brazil some day. I mean, Rafael Verga's birthplace! Come on! It's a Holy Land!

i dont know if its related since it was mentioned that the attack was part of a neo nazi movement but a similar incedent happened here in rome around the same time. outside of the most popular gay club in rome, a group of nazis started to attack people as they waited in line. luckily the club is already heavily garded since italy is not the most gay tollarent country anyway. they were not apprehended. but were run off. they were also trying to get in the club. i did not go that night though i do everyweekend. i am very nervous and hope that everyone will keep a watchful eye. regardless of you sexual orientation these people are dangerous. thanks for reading

While this is news, I am really not surprised about this.



hi anyone can give me gay info on hotels/nightlife in porto alegre in Jan 2007 obrigado......

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