I've got a confession to make...

I gave in to peer pressure, and got tickets for Madonna at Madison Square Garden today through an online auction. I thought I was going to be stronger this time around, but in the end I knew I had to go (at least so I could blog about it). While Madonna Online is still campaigning to bring the tour to Brazil, Madonna Tribe has revealed some exclusive details of the stage.

According to Madonna's official website, with a gross potential in the $200 million range, Confessions could be the top-grossing tour ever for a female artist.


Could she even beat out Cher's Farewell Tour? Awesome!!

isn't this no different than her last show?

That is awesome!!!!

Well, she's going to enter the stage through a $10 million diamond/crystal disco ball. That's something she didn't do in Re-Invention.

I already got my tickets to the openning night of her Boston concert at the Fleet Center. Can't wait!! :-)

You didn't succumb to peer pressure by getting a ticket. You merely submitted to fate :)

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