Readers On Speedo Sundays

Thanks to the last Sunday's boys-on-the-beach theme, this week I received some great pictures taken in Rio from my readers Jorge and Lauren to share with you today. Click to enlarge.

A Semana

Here is a list of what went on this week around the world:

  • Mission Impossible IV: putting up with Tom Cruise.
  • The world's most beautiful people.
  • Sexy Business: Alessandra Ambrosio.
  • Sexy Brad: The Assassination Of Jesse James.
  • Moment of bliss: summer with Project Runway.
  • More joy: Kathy Griffin's "My Life On The D-List" is also back this June.
  • Moment of shame: the attacks in São Paulo.
  • Butching it up: Rosie O'Donnell to co-host The View.
  • A sneak peek at the new issue of DNA magazine, and a quick peek at OUT.
  • Speedo Saturdays: Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to tan.
  • More Speedo Saturdays, thanks to OPIEblue, CoolnClassic, Les Hombres, and PAYOR.
  • Right now I wish I were attending this event.

  • Tease

    Erika Palomino's magazine Key is destined to become the best fashion magazine published in Brazil. The first issue featured an amazing Carnival-inspired editorial, and the second issue brings somethings even better: Cauã Reymond. The actor was photographed by Cris Bierrenbach wearing a Rosa Chá swimsuit made especially for the shoot. More coming soon: the issue hits newstands in Brazil May 12. Click to enlarge.

    Momento Futebol: Big In Japan

    Not lost in translation: Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho Gaúcho stars in the Japanese ads for Saison Card, which were shot in Portuguese with subtitles. If you have never heard of him, then pay close attention because Ronaldinho just took over David Beckham's throne as the world's highest paid soccer player with his new contract with Barcelona for 23 million Euros.

    Brazilian Idol: The Tryouts

    A few weeks ago in Brazil I watched the first episode of Ídolos, and it was as tragic and amusing as the American version. Now thanks to the wonders of technology, the tryouts for the show are available online for your viewing pleasure. Even if you don't speak Portuguese you will be embarrassed for these guys.

    One of the highlights from the first video is a contestant singing (or attempting to sing) and dancing to Madonna's "Hung Up." The second video is just priceless: contestants trying to sing in English. Via Philipinas.

    Her Hips Don't Lie

    And proof of that is the 6 awards she took home last night at the Latin Billboard Music Awards, including female Latin Pop Album Of The Year and Hot Latin Song Of The Year for "La Tortura," her duet with Alejandro Sanz. Images via Shakiramedia. Click to enlarge.

    Tickets for Shakira's upcoming Oral Fixation Tour go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 am. Visit her official website for the complete tour schedule.

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