Ai, ai, ai...

Vanessa da Mata is really a force of nature. In spite of coming from a very small town in Mato Grosso and not playing a single instrument, the 26-year-old Brazilian singer manages to have over 250 songs written in her notebook. Even before releasing her first album, Vanessa had already composed for the likes of Maria Bethânia and Daniela Mercury, which is no easy task.

When I was in Brazil earlier this month, it was impossible to turn on the radio and not hear Vanessa's song "Ai, ai, ai...," which is part of the soundtrack to the primetime soap Belíssima. For the past few weeks, the track hasn't stopped playing on my iPod, and I decided to share it.

You can stream Vanessa's album "Essa Boneca Tem Manual" on her official website, or click here to download "Ai, ai, ai... (Remix)" for a limited time.


Every single time her songs come up on the radio, I wonder "Has Marisa Monte released a new song?". The similarities are a little too obvious for me.

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