A Semana

Here is a list of what went on this week around the world:

  • Mission Impossible IV: putting up with Tom Cruise.
  • The world's most beautiful people.
  • Sexy Business: Alessandra Ambrosio.
  • Sexy Brad: The Assassination Of Jesse James.
  • Moment of bliss: summer with Project Runway.
  • More joy: Kathy Griffin's "My Life On The D-List" is also back this June.
  • Moment of shame: the attacks in São Paulo.
  • Butching it up: Rosie O'Donnell to co-host The View.
  • A sneak peek at the new issue of DNA magazine, and a quick peek at OUT.
  • Speedo Saturdays: Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to tan.
  • More Speedo Saturdays, thanks to OPIEblue, CoolnClassic, Les Hombres, and PAYOR.
  • Right now I wish I were attending this event.

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