A Semana

Some links to entertain you today:

  • Too good to be true: a fotolog book.
  • Also too good to be true: Amanda Lepore has a new doll (and attends the launch party wearing clothes for a change).
  • Even better: Paris sings Happy Birthday to Mr. Hefner.
  • A hot angel (and I'm not talking about Victoria's Secret).
  • Vote for the sexiest gymnasts.
  • Ricky Martin has a pierced bellybutton. Should I get one too?
  • Grow up already: Brad Pitt channels Maddox.
  • Say Somethin'.
  • Ashley Simpson also likes speedos.

    And check out my review of São Paulo from last weekend (and all the videos):

  • Vegas Baby!
  • Time To Shop.
  • Babylon at The Week.
  • Blue Space.

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