The Case Of The Censored Billboards

The controversial billboard with two men kissing was still standing in Rio after 20 others had been removed yesterday morning from the streets of São Paulo.

The city of São Paulo stated that it was not responsible for removing the billboards, and blamed Companhia Paulista de Outdoors, the company which put the ads up. Apparently, the company was pressured by the public to take them down, but nothing official has yet been released. The blame game at this point also involves the advertising agency Emigê and even the product manufacturer.

Read more about it and practice your Portuguese:
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UPDATE: CONAR, the national counsel which regulates advertising announced this afternoon that it "recommended" Companhia Paulista de Outdoors and ad agency Emigê to remove the remaining billboards from the streets. CONAR also stated that this measure had more to do with respect for the citizens of São Paulo than with prejudice. I get the point. It sucks.


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