Fotolog Of The Week: Go-go & Stripper

The name says it all, but if you happen to require further explanation, Go-go & Stripper is a fotolog devoted to the muscle boys who dance the night away in São Paulo. Here are some of the boys in action:

I especially like the variety of swimsuits:

In order to make this a little more exciting, click on the images below to enlarge. I selected a few pictures that I liked, but there is a lot more where these came from. Here are the solo pictures:


Too bad they don't make a video!

Too bad they're not white!

Good lord... looks like I need to plan an extended trip to Brasil!

WTF: "Too bad they're not white!" Why would someone say something so hateful and racist! These boys are hot and they're brown. Deal with that, love it.

Absolutely Wonderful!!

Now is that not a loverly bunch of lads?

I wish they were browner.

any black go go boy's in Brazil? There has to be, half the country is Black (more than the US. we are only like 14%).

Love the breast on the red trunks with beads chap!

Are all those strippers gay? Do they dance in gay clubs?


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