Fotolog Of The Week: Daninho

Although he hasn't updated his fotolog recently, Daninho is the perfect choice for this Tuesday of Carnaval in Brazil. Why? Because it is all about partying with his posse. FYI, he is the one in the center.
And here is his entourage:
And some aerobics:
But the main reasons which make his fotolog perfect for Carnaval are after the jump. You might want to wait until you get home to check it out because boys will be boys (if you know what I mean).

Carnaval 2006: São Paulo

Mocidade Alegre in São Paulo partnered with gay club Blue Space in order to bring an entire gay group to Carnival in the city, but the real eye candy came from samba school Rosas de Ouro, which presented a theme agains racism. Via G Online.

Carnaval 2006: Rodrigo Santoro

The Brazilian actor (and hottie) hit the drums in Rio for Mocidade Independente this Carnival.

Brazilianizer Of The Week: Diddy

Livin' it up in Rio this past weekend for Carnival.

Carnival Of Shame

violenceYou just don't expect things like this to happen during Carnival, and yet yesterday in Rio two gay guys were brutally beaten by 5 men simply because they were kissing at the beach (and at the gay beach in front of Farme de Amoedo to make matters worse). In their attempt to escape from the 5 aggressors, the couple ran away, and returned 40 minutes later only to gather their belongings and press charges. As expected in Brazil, the police did nothing, and none of the aggressors was arrested. Considering the amount of gay tourists who travel to Rio for Carnival, something has to be done immediately. I will try my best to keep you updated on the case throughout the week. Click here for the full report in Portuguese, and pictures of 4 of the aggressors taken by people who witnessed the act of violence.

Carnaval 2006: Banda de Ipanema

The famous Banda de Ipanema kept the drag queens (and lots of beach boys) busy this past Saturday in Rio.
There is obviously a lot of alcohol involved here. Thanks Andre for sending the pictures (nothing like a dedicated reporter). There are more after the jump.

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