How To Wear Gucci:

Madonna looked pretty in pink at the 2006 Brit Awards. She took home the award for Best International Female. More pictures at Madonna Online.


Madonna looks like a robot. Drew wears her piece better, simply because she has a more feminine figure.

Finally, Madonna is not wearing that FUCKING leotard!

Wow! Madonna looks great!! I miss the leotard though...

Drew is adorable. They both look good; Gucci or no Gucci.

Madonna looks like Drew. They could be identical twins, except for the fact that Drew is really Drew Carey, dressed up in drag.

Drew looks better, in my humble opinion.

I love the skeletal thing Madge has going on but the hair MUST GO!!!

You don't like the hair? I think that dress and that hair don't look that well together. The hair looks wonderful with the lilac corset.

Madge can do no wrong. Fuck anyone who thinks otherwise. (Not literally, of course):)

Drew looks like a woman. Madonna looks like a corpse with horse teeth.

she can't go on forever.....she's already become a bad parody of herself...she needs to step aside...things change in life 'ole girl...the only person your fooling is yourself.

If you want to be a successful blogger, follow the Pink is the New Blog formula:

What do dorky, ex-band nerds talk on their blog? Let's look back at Trent's blog from 2004:

What do dorky, ex-band nerds talk about when they want a blog that attracts an audience, advertising dollars and gets the attention of movie studios and celebs:

Boy, it didn't take Trent to long to figure out the formula: Mix one part Paris Hilton, 2 parts Perez Hilton, 1 part Defamer, shake until regurgitated and serve over pink ice--to attract the 16 year old girls.

To have a successful blog, I repeat, do not talk about yourself on your blog--talk about other, much cooler people.
It's called transference. Connect yourself to a cool person and people think you're cool! But still call it a blog (online diary) so you can still get away with posting copyrighted images without getting in trouble.

Ahhhhh, it's true what they say, Trent is brilliant!

Check out my blog, devoted to his genius:

Why does Madonna, an American, have a British accent?

these girls are pretty in the pic but i like the dress on madonna but drew looks better !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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