Carnival Of Shame

violenceYou just don't expect things like this to happen during Carnival, and yet yesterday in Rio two gay guys were brutally beaten by 5 men simply because they were kissing at the beach (and at the gay beach in front of Farme de Amoedo to make matters worse). In their attempt to escape from the 5 aggressors, the couple ran away, and returned 40 minutes later only to gather their belongings and press charges. As expected in Brazil, the police did nothing, and none of the aggressors was arrested. Considering the amount of gay tourists who travel to Rio for Carnival, something has to be done immediately. I will try my best to keep you updated on the case throughout the week. Click here for the full report in Portuguese, and pictures of 4 of the aggressors taken by people who witnessed the act of violence.


This is shocking news. I know it is not right to criticise the internal workings of a country. But surely we live in a world where the attacking of persons because we disapprove of them is totally unacceptable. I hope that Brazil in general and Rio in particular sort this one out. Your country and peoples are too beautiful to allow this to happen.

Unfortunately, gay beating happens ALL THE TIME in Ipanema, right on the gay area of the beach! Awful, just awful.

Wow...and I thought we had it bad here in Alabama.

My friends and I from Los Angeles and Texas have just canceled our reservations to Brazil. It is not worth the risk of going to a place that has hate at the very spot that most of us would want to be when in Brazil,

Hear ya James.. I've always wanted to go to Brazil too but have heard so much neg bashing shit that I'll probably never go..

Wish I could feel otherwise...

Brazil has always been a land of extremes:
Biggest gay parade ever vs. violent homophobia
Incredibly rich vs. incredibly poor
Beautiful places vs. ugly slums

I hear what all you guys are saying. I went to Brazil a couple of years ago on a gay cruise. I walked the streets and beaches of this beautiful city. The people were kind, thoughtful and oh so beautiful! My boyfriend and I never felt intimidated in public places. Surely a crowded beach at Mardi Gras should be a safe environment.

Regret to hear about this unfortunate incident along with the recent art heist that happened last week in Rio. Crime exists everywhere and gay bashings occur even in liberal Amsterdamm and San Francisco. Our world has a long way to progress.
I still want to visit sometime. My Brazilian friend Warle Oliveria, a teacher from Abaete, MG, said there is a lot of crime/safety concerns in the larger cities. He suggested visiting the smaller cities such as Belo Horizonte and Florianopolis on the coast.

Boys, I was at this very beach on the mentioned day, as a matter of fact I´ve been to the gay spot at Ipanema all over the carnival with my boyfriend, and I can asure you that this could only be an unfortunate and isolated incident. The beach has been packed and all the gay boys and girls were taning, hugging and kissing, all over the place with not even a glance from the people around. Sure a small group of crazy loonies may have gone mad, but for most of us there, it was just a great time.
BTW, me and my boyfriend live nearby in Copacabana and we go to the gay beach every sunday, for years. We have never had ANY harassment or the like. I hope our activst friends heres are checking that this don´t go unpunished, we have anti-discrimination laws in this state!

My parter and I just got back from our third trip to Brazil and continue to love it! We were on that very beach two days ago. All three of our trips have been wonderful and I highly support traveling to Brazil and will continue to do so.

OK!!! I'm a bit sensitive right now because gay bashing seems to be on the move around the world in response to gay rights, laws and movies. So bad boys have no other way to respond but hit. I was raised with family who are Portuguese and I want so much to go to Brazil, so the trip is back on. Thank you for your comments they have made my friends feel safe. Not to mention the photos of the boys on the home page.

It is just awful!!As a brazilian and lesbian I am really upset; however, people should not generalize. There are a lot of people there who respect gay rights. It was an isolated case, and it should not be seen as brazilians being anti- gay because it is not true. Even here in DC where we supposed to feel safer my girlfriend and I were assaulted because we were holding hands....

I kissed my boyfriend on the mouth during Carnaval here in Salvador (and posted a photo on Flickr to prove it!) and nothing bad happened...I'm shocked that would happen in Rio. Thanks for posting this story.

I don't know that a single bashing incident would be enough to write off one of the world's great gay hotspots. But it's good to be reminded to always be watchful.

Meanwhile, where would one go that would be more safe? Anyone else have any ideas? I'd like to hear them.

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