Will the disco era never end?

Madonnajanuary30Madonna.nu reports that the new queen of disco is planning the release of two more dance albums with tracks produced by Stuart Price which were left out from "Confessions On A Dancefloor." I love the CD, but all the glitter and sequined leotards are starting to be too much even for me. In the meantime, the Xanadu-inspired video for "Sorry" will be exclusively available to view on the internet on February 9th.


Honestly, I don't know really what there is to like about her new CD. I was totally expecting a disco record, meaning really DISCO, with furious strings, and that general disco vibe. You know that disco music was the source of the R&B music we hear these days? R&B + House = Disco

What Madonna did was just a dance record.

Confessions is one of her best albums (In my opinion, which of course is law). So naturally I can't wait for her next two!!! Go Madge! ^_^

Yeah, Madonna kicks ass. Whatever she's up to next, I'm in..

yeah Madonna can still 'kick some ass' but i get a strange feeling of desperation starting to set in with her....she's working triple overtime to prove what???? she's starting to wear me out...........

To prove that she's still the Queen of Pop! ...although the world already knows that...hmm...

Anywho!! ET (Entertainment Tonight) said that Madonna is going to do the opening act for the Grammy's with Gorrilaz (the animated band).

Watch it February 8th, 2006 @ 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

I can't wait!! ^_^

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