The Secret Of Brokeback Mountain

Lost in translation? Not really, but Brokeback Mountain is going to be called "O Segredo De Brokeback Mountain" on February 3rd, when it opens in Brazil. Now can someone tell me what the secret is? It is hard to believe that there are any secrets left when the final scenes are revealed in the Brazilian preview. Via And now, José?.



"O Segredo de Brokeback Mountain" is a very good title. First of all, that's how Annie Proulx's short story was called in Portuguese, and the movie does justice to that. Second, if you have seen the movie, you know that Ennis Del Mar (Ledger) and Jack Twist (Gyllenhaal) had a secret that they did not feel they wanted to share with the world, and for them it was the secret of what they started on Brokeback Mountain (obviously the title is not referring to anything that should be secret to the viewers, as the trailer unveils it all - as you said; rather, it refers to the secret kept by the two men in the story, a secret of their own). And third, foreign proper names make no sense to Brazilian audiences; that's how Notting Hill became "Um Lugar Chamado Notting Hill" and so on...
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Very lame if you ask moi.


I think in both cases the naming is taking artistic liberties on the part of the translator that reach beyond the proper role of translation. Shouldn't the title be true to author's own voice and not the voice of the interpretor?

Go see the movie, I've seen it twice here in the states.Very well done, both Heath and Jake have excellent performances,and the tent scene it's a short but well worth the standing in line and the $8.50. Enjoy !! I feel in love with Rio last year when my boyfriend took me. THANK'S for blog,we plan on visiting again real soon.

movie titles when translated to other languages is always funny cannot wait to read what the movie will be titled in polish .they always have the funniest translation

When I lived in Montreal I always had trouble working out whether or not my French friends and I had actually seen the same movie because the titles can be wildly different.

I have also seen the film twice here in the states and can't recommend it highly enough.

Enjoy - and congrats on a great blog

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