The Rise of Favela Funk

A few months ago Arjan got me hooked on DJ Diplo, and his ability to turn Rio's funk into dance music for the world to digest. With the success of M.I.A. and Disco D., the music blogger is suggesting that favela funk may become a major pop trend for 2006.

KfedpopozaoBritney's hubby K-Fed teamed up with Disco D. to produce his newest attempt of becoming a star. In the track called "PopoZão" (Portuguese for big booty), K-Fed borrows from favela funk, but (as expected) does not deliver. Unfortunately, Mr. Spears cannot even properly pronounce the title of the track, so we are certainly going to have to count on a real singer to bring Brazilian funk to the spotlight in 2006.


Hearing K-fed's single has been the best thing that has happened to me for weeks. I simply cannot stop laughing.

Very Humourous!

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