The Hairy Boy (Part II In B&W)

And I am not done with Juliano Lopes yet. There are more pictures (and maybe even a photo album) coming on Friday.


Damn! Now that's what a man should look like. Woof, woof!

Holy - hairy and hot! Who is this guy and where can I see more of him?

WOOF indeed!

God he's perfect.

Definitely the hottest model I've seen for The Boy in a long time...

He's hot...but not the hottest. Definitely not the hottest.

This guy is just yummy. PS - I've been an avid visitor for a while now and I've linked you to my blog, if thats cool. :-) Have a super day, from South Africa, CTG:-)

I love you.

Oh. My. God.

any feet photos?

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