Stalking Leandro Becker

My detectives found DJ Leandro Becker at club Massivo in Taubaté this past weekend. The next stop on the Clubkidz Tour is club Atari in São Paulo, so don't miss it. Click on image to enlarge.


Not only Atari, but Clube Insano in Campinas as well. Two-in-a-week special baby

These pictures are starting to irritate me. Don't get me wrong, Becker is absoultely gorgeous. But everytime its the same thing. Him standing by the dj booth wearing a shirt, and him standing by the dj booth without a shirt on sporting a grin.

Well, Chris, next time I'll try to locate a more animated picture that will please you. For now, I challenge you to find a more gorgeous DJ -- or man.

Wait for February's G issue.. Then you'll see him sporting only the grin.

Here we go...) Seems the blog has entered some turbulance. It's high time to fasten the seatbelts, pull the oxigen mask towards the mouth and breathe normally...)

Chris is right and every appearance of the Becker is so predictable that I've developed some kind of deja vu, aren't these the images of the previous month?

But...where T is supposed to get the guy's images different from those we've already seen if the guy's every public appearance is in that DJ environment?

By the time this controversy is resolved I propose to perceive the guy's image as iconic with the mandatory set of attributes (booth, tank top) by analogy with the fixed set of details of the church icons (like the cross, pigeons, clouds and angels wings)

Hallelujah! The guy's been iconised

Hey, i'm a personal friend of Leandro Becker. He is the coverboy in the GMagazine in February, the pics were clicked in Ilha Grande in the cost of São Paulo. We can't wait for it!

Thalles Walker.. right? I read your blog.

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