Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Steve J.

Because I don't want you to overdose on boys from Ohio, I decided to go for a California hunk for January. There is hotness all over the Unites States, so why not enjoy it?
Click on images to enlarge. For more pictures or videos of Steve J., visit All American Guys. There is one more after the jump.

Milan Takeover: Felipe Hulse

Another Brazilian boy who took over Milan last week, seen here at Versace and Armani.


SPFW: Sommer

Tim Burton would have been proud. Marcelo Sommer closed SPFW with one of his best collections ever, and probably his most poetic show, with heavy rain falling on a somber runway. His trademark play on shapes on volumes was there, but in grays and burgundy it finally did not look juvenile or cartoonish as it did in previous seasons. It looked chic and cool at the same time, and very well edited. It also looked much more conceptual than last fall. Even though most of these pieces will never hit the stores, it is great to see that Sommer grew up as a designer without ever losing track of who his customer is.



Karl Lagerfeld's Girls

Models Camila Finn, Raquel Zimmerman, Fabiana Semprebom, and Solange Wilvert managed to make Chanel's Couture show in Paris this week even more amazing. Click to enlarge.


One Day You're In... (Complete)


Naomi Watch (And Some Beyoncé Too)

Brazilianizer Naomi Campbell was in São Paulo last Tuesday for the birthday party of her friend and spiritual guru Tuca Franchini. She was also putting the final touches on the February issue of Vogue Brazil, which is naturally devoted entirely to her.

On more Naomi news, she has convinced Beyoncé to go down to Rio for Carnival, and join her at Portela for the parade. Is Beyoncé going to get a Brazilianizer card this year? Only one thing is for sure: Carnival is going to be more bootylicious than ever.

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