Little Runway Of Horrors III



On the CatWalk, Yeah! They shake their little toosh on the CatWalk!

I'm really surprised that Santino's dress won, it just seemed like a bit too much. I liked the braids, but it was way overdone, and the "short torso, long skirt" look just didn't fly IMO. Nick's, on the other hand, looked fabulous. I really liked how he combined classic with modern. His dress looked very elegant and timeless. The back was the best part, but I think if he were to have worked on it more, trimmed it up, what not, it would have looked a lot better, and may have given him the win.

Also, Nick's personality and attitude is 1,000 times better than Santino's.

I agree with Chris entirely. Santino's dress was too much.

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