Fotolog Of The Week: Guto Ferreira

After a week loaded with models and a certain hairy boy, I think a surfer like Guto Ferreira is a nice change. This kid is as cute as it gets, and his pictures are definitely some of the best I have seen in fotologs (and you know I'm experienced in the area). Take a look...
Looking good in a suit, but much better without it:
Some of these are so good they should be featured at The Boy urgently:
Just how sexy is this last picture? Thanks Guto for being such a good sport. There are more after the jump.

After the B&W, here is some color:
And last, but not least, the traditional bathroom mirror:


What an absolute BABE!

First tasteless pics i've encountered on the site. Doublechin is not sexy. No comments about the pic with a suite (all buttoned up...Jeees!)

These pics don't meet the quality of the site - sorry, you've made us demanding with all the greate stuff. Remain waiting for the new cool "material"

what the hell Ozzie is talking about? lol he's an absolute babe!

this guy is soooooooo HOT!!!

I LOVE your site...incredible..thank you for the pics and interesting perspective...
Please check out mine if you get a chance and let me know what you think:
I have used your site as inspiration :)

Tasteless? Bullshit. This guy is FINE.

He's totally adorable. Fax must of woke up on the wrong side of his erection this morning.

Very sweet!!
I'm speechless because my mouth is hanging open. But that's not why my mouth is open.

all right guys, calm down...) this is where I am supposed to get defensive, right?...)

I've just expressed my very own opinion on those pics and all your comments are appreciated (special thanks to MMM - your erection-dimension thinking is just right - I was absolutely squeezed the night before).
After all, it is not the Third Reich and the diversity (aesthetical or whatever) is welcomed.

P.S. Still consider the pics off the site standards...) And yes, the guy should take the gym seriously or, alternatively, go on a diet

wow. "fax" should get lost. obviously, his standards are way too high for the rest of us. this guy is hot as all hell. "fax" should go to the gym and stop coming here.

he's adorable. no doubt about it.

olá. :_) Obrigado por m epostar aqui. ficou muito bacana :). e Parabéns pelo site, que está muito bem formulado. té mais


Wow, major cutie! Would be great if he was the next "The Boy".

Not so much ...

Go to a gym? The guy may not be a rock, but he's not fat. He's a great side of beef!

fat? he is freakin' gorgeous. keep up with the hot guys!

This guy is beautiful. He's perfect, whether in a suit or not.

I would imagine there’s quite a few guys what wished they looked that good.

This is one of the sexiest, hottest guys you've featured! Thank you.

Very cute and handsome. Beautiful body too. I hope he has more shirtless pictures in the future.

he is one of the cuttest and hottest guys i've ever seen .. anyone who says otherwise is just jealous ... and hugepeanuts ... you are right ... i'm sure that there are guys who would kill to look as cute as Guto ...

It seems he has abandoned his site. Too bad, enjoyed his beautiful face and body.

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