Fotolog Of The Week: 40 Graus

Since São Paulo Fashion Week starts tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this week to 40 Graus Models. With boys like David Chaloub, Edgar Graça Melo, Felipe Hulse, Gabriel Mattar, Henrique Werneck, João Vellutini, Marcus Toscano, Nathan Ethur, Rodrigo Calazans, Romulo Pires, and newcomer Romulo Arantes, it is no wonder 40 Graus has become Brazil's hottest modeling agency. Its fotolog has tons of clippings and backstage pictures like these:
Some polaroids:
And Felipe Matarazzo:
More models and backstage action after the jump.

The boys with Mr. Testino:
And finally 40 Graus on V Magazine:


Damn....that is a hot agency!!!! And the guys are even hotter!!!!

Jeez! Those male models are yummy. Do they grow on trees? I should bring my basket to Brazil.

They've got what it takes. Total hotness.

Hey, congratulations for your site!! It's the first time I'm browsing here and it's brilliant, it will definetely become my source for great pictures on fotolog! I'm brazilian too, and I've been visiting many of the flogs listed here for a long time, it wasn't a surprise to find them here, they're hot, which confirms that we share a good taste for guys, Heheheheheh.

But seriously, You have some here flogs I've never spotted before, great job on finding new ones! In the name of all brazilian guys, feel flattered and I appreciate the work on this amazing blog.

I hope to hear from you soon, and you can hope many more visits from me and other friends soon, too!!


i just made out with one of them in NYC. he is real hot, i can tell!!

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