Drew Barrymore For Missoni

Drew Barrymore certainly makes up for the tragic Gucci dress she wore to the Golden Globes in the spring 2006 Missoni ad campaign. Maybe next time she should stick to the brand.


WOW! She looks great!!!

Very "Confessions On A Dancefloor"...

I am loving those pictures. My friend smokes weed with her every now and then. Says shes a very, very cool person to know.

Nah, don't like 'em. She looks way too airbrushed. Give me the old natural saggy-booby Drew any day of the week! Love you, Drew!

Se looks great, she always does. It's Drew, my Drew ;)

Drew smoke weed?....never!

POOR LITTLE droopy rich GIRL - who is your stylist????????? she should be dropped into a toilet @ TARGET - gucci - whatever - charlie's angel need a LIFT - love drew to death but let's be real - photoshop - works miracles !

Drew looks phenominal, fabulous shall I go on? Any girl who that thinks otherwise is jealous and any guy who thinks otherwise needs their eyes examined!

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