Brokeback Mountain In Brazil

BrokebackmountainbrasilEuropa Filmes announced that it will only release 80 copies of "O Segredo De Brokeback Mountain" on February 3rd in the country. If there is a strong demand (and that will depend on next week's Oscar nominations), the movie will open in more theatres in upcoming weeks.
In the meantime, get your gay cowboy fix at Towleroad, where Andy scored an interview with movie producer James Schamus, or watch the boys on Oprah at The Malcontent.


I've seen the movie twice already, and never get tired of it. Two days ago we talked about the name used for the movie in Brazil, and I said I quite like "O Segredo de Brokeback Mountain".
Now guess what the movie is called in Portugal? "O Segredo de Brokeback Mountain", too.
Guess what it is called in France? "Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain".
Guess what it is called in Italy? "I Segretti de Brokeback Mountain".

This is what I meant by 'foreign proper names sound awkward in a different language, and often need something else to give it some meaning".


Seen it yesterday. Beautiful and deeply moving. Dont know why they changed the title into "I segreti di Brokeback Mountain": I would have preferred the original one, just Brokeback Mountain. Great film, though.

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