BBB 6: The Truth Starts To Come Out

The 6th season of Big Brother Brasil hasn't even started, and everybody is already digging for dirt. After seeing these pictures of contestant Daniel Saullo, I know who will get my vote. The images are from the semi-NSFW summer 2003 ad campaign for Spezzato with Daniella Cicarelli, and there are many more after the jump. Photographer is Terry Richardson.



a real babe

yummy! yummy! yummy!

Yeah, I´ll vote against him, so he can get out of the house straight to the centerfold...

at least he's leash trained; does he roll over too?


why did u erase important side.why?plz i want to see

Why the erasures?. The dudes posed naked for some reason, to show off what they got. So the censure is totally unnecesary and insulting. Get off the prudish horse, you are kidding nobody, Please.

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