Feliz Ano Novo!

AnonovorioFor as long as I can remember I have been spending New Year's with my family tanning and drinking here. This year, however (and for reasons beyond my control), I will be getting pampered here instead.

Hope you all have a happy New Year! Don't forget to vote for your favorite fotolog and Brazilian hottie. If you happen to be in Brazil, send me some pictures to make me jealous, or your review to the upcoming Travel Guide. Peace!

New Year's (The Brazilian Way)


Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Jesse

This month's non-Brazilian guy comes from the Abercrombie factory also known as Ohio, and likes soccer (which is a big plus for this blog). What a hottie, right?
Click on the images to enlarge. For pictures or videos of Jesse, visit All American Guys. There is one more after the jump.

Gianecchini's Underwear Gig

Unfortunately it is only Pascoal, Reynaldo Gianecchini's character in the soap Belissima, who is going to be posing in his underwear. The episode will air next Monday.

I heard it all before...

And apparently it is confirmed that coreographer Jamie King will be directing Madonna's new video for "Sorry" in January (and that it might be a sequel to "Hung Up"). King previously co-conceptualized her videos for "Human Nature" and "Don't Tell Me," and directed her Drowned World and Reinvention tours.

And apparently this is the artwork for the single, with images from the L'Uomo Vogue editorial by Steven Klein.

Check out also Sorry (Saint Ken Remix). Thanks Arjan for the heads up.

1st Annual Made In Brazil Hall Of Fame:


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