Hottest Brazilian Of The Year

The race is on... After a year loaded with a selection of genetically blessed gentlemen on Made In Brazil, it is time to vote for the Hottest Brazilian Of The Year. The nominees are:

adriano alemarchi

danielerthal donato

fabiano julio

leandro mateus

rafaelbranciforti rafaelverga

Click on the images above for more information. Remember that you can vote every day until December 31.

So who is the hottest?
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All hot, but how could you leave out Vinícius Postiglione? Hottest guy I've seen on your site yet... is he past the cutoff date?

Unfortunately, YES. The nominations are based on over 250 emails received from readers in the last week.

I think that you should get to throw in at least one wildcard ;)

Such wonderful candidates.

How many times can we vote?

Once a day until the end of the year.

Wow, so many beautiful choices! That's why I love this site. Never seen Julio before! Julio or Mateus. Mateus or Julio. Or either of the Rafael's! How can you choose just one?

Adriano, definitely.

Need any volunteers to console the losers? (Of course, there ARE no LOSERS... ;)

TOP 10 narrowed down to a top five...who will it be????

in random order my top five is:

rafael V
daniel erthal
ale marchi

in fifth place...a real tough one...but rafael B it is....just four remaining who will it be???

its daniel erthal...a bit new to me...and full of sex appeal...

geez this is tough third place....its mateus...fresh...young fun and fault with this guy....

its between rafael V and ale....duhm duhm duhm....second place goes to rafael verga....and the winnner IS!!!!!

ALE MARCHI...this guys oozes so much sex appeal its orgasmic...he mixes sultry and hot with sensitive and deadly boyish looks...he goes beyond x factor into y and z factor and takes HOT to a new level....he is perfect in every area...and HIs lips are to die and go to heaven for....when i imagined my perfect guy...its ale marchi i saw....welldone...and good luck

i wonder why dont you include rafael verga in your photo album?!


Rafael Verga soo hot it burns my eyes!
Ale Marchi not bad at all!

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