Fotolog Of The Year

The time has arrived to take a look back at some of the fotologs featured this year at Made In Brazil and decide which one was your absolute favorite. The winner will be featured in the first week of 2006 with brand new photos. Based on the number of comments and your much appreciated feedback, the nominees are:

dudaperin garotozs markao marsili

maucouti nelson13 pexaum wps

Click on the images above to be directed to the fotologs, and remember that you can vote every single day.

Who will win?
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It's a close race in my heart (and other part of my anatomy) between Markoa of the adorable sideburns and Marsili of the incredibly long torso.

i want wallace-patrick to win!!
vote for wpspatrick! he's sooooo cute!

Personaly I would have voted for yyoo ii or rafa !!!

Why are they not in the poll ??

i'm sure we can all agree...
this is one contest where we all win!
i wanted to vote for nelson 13, i really did,
but someone needed to tell him to smile for at least one of the pics, and he didn't wear a brazilian style swimsuit,
so he is disqualified.
i also agree with bri bri about wpspatrick-
beautiful and the personality really comes through in the pics,
but again... no bulging speedo shot-
for my buck, it goes to marsili-
great bod, rocking abs, some personality coming through the lens, and that beautiful armani speedo shot!
he has it all!

Me adc por favorr,,,,vxex naum vaum se arrepender,,,xausss jujubinha!!!!

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