Presidents Who Lunch

The American president stopped in Brazil today and had lunch with Brazilian president Lula before heading to Panana. Since I am not planning to impose my political views on anyone, read more at:
Bush urges Brazilians to back democracy (CNN)
Bush Targets Venezuela's Chavez in Tough Speech (NY Times)
Bush in Brazil subsidies promise (BBC)



i'll post here....the eye candy is cute for the detached ephemera that it is....for some i enjoy the photography, yet, i enjoy the fun that you're having....some of these actually enliven moments when one is involved with a rather staid redundancy....nontheless, you're postings several items -- check in for the Mix. rather anonymous, no? is that you with the very precious baby in the margin....?? the baby is adorable....a sense of purpose in the midst of pretense that eats far too much comfort food.

a visit to bahia, a swim in the ocean and some handstands and backbends would be genius. pleasant dreams.

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