Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Eric D.


To close November on a (very) good note, nothing like a good boy from Ohio (where I think they probably feed the kids Abercrombie milk).


Click on the pictures of Eric D. to enlarge. For a lot more (and even some videos), check out All American Guys.


Damn, he's a hottie!!!!

When can I see a BLACK GUY on this site??? There are Black Brazilians or even some very dark ones.

Check out the sports category for black guys... How about the fact that pretty much every week there are pictures of soccer player Adriano?

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have to tell you that the hottest men in the Midwest US come from the state of Indiana. Just about every US Military ad published are men from Indiana. And some of the top A&F boys are from there as well. They raise these boys on farms here and they end up moving to LA or NY once they have grown. Columbus, Ohio home to Ohio State University has one of the largest campuses in the US. So that is probably why A&F has had no problems recruiting.

i'd just love to cuddle up to him in bed, look into his eyes and kiss him...listen to his heart beating
ahhhhhh wishful thinking

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