Just wanted to inform that I am going to be in Chicago for the next two days to attend a taping of this show... Say whatever you want to say, but I am really excited about it. I have also never been to the windy city, so hopefully I will have a good time.



Enjoy the Oprah Show!

Enjoy Chicago. I am in Chicago. If you need tips or anything while here, let me know.

seasonal change from the other oprah -- is she giving away a fleet of hybrid autos to the studio audience during your visit ;-)

should be a great visit....plenty in the city but don't compare it to new york.

safe travels ....

Hey, I hope you are enjoying your trip. I'm in Chicago too. Chicago is a great city and the weather has been nice lately!

Chicago compares to New York quite well...unless you're ADD.

Hey, it was a GREAT day today in Chicago. I hope you had a good time and went to the "Top of the Cock", the John Hancock Building, for a view that is absolutely breathtaking.

Did you bring your speedos along? Try Lake Michigan with the water still in the 60s. LOL!

Love you and love your site,

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