Soap Talk: Dante's Cove

If I had here! I would have probably already indulged on its new gay soap Dante's Cove. This sexy show has guilty pleasure written all over it, and the trailer got me very interested in finding out more about it.


The supernatural gothic soap follows a group of gay and lesbian twenty-somethings who reside in a beach front apartment complex, appropriately named Hotel Dante. When Kevin, one of Dante's (hot) residents, unknowingly releases a sinister part of the hotel's past, he and his boyfriend Toby work with the other (hot) residents to solve the mystery... And in the meantime, they obviously get the viewers all excited with some NSFW scenes. Check out some screencaps after the break. 



oh nice!!!!!!!!

Can't find this in the UK :-(

I'v downloaded this off Gay-Torrents.Better than porn !!!

I've seen're right.It is a guilty pleasure.The acting is kind of weak, so are the special affects, and the dialogue even weaker, but if you like guys, or girls, with hot bodies with hardly ever anything on, great explicit and graphic sex scenes, constant making out, and full frontal male nudity, you won't be disappointed.Check out my blog.

Wow- That is so hot and fun-

I like the movie of Dante's Cove, but I don't understand. Why are they closed penis? I think, if they're professional actors, they should show penis in acting on film, especially the scene of sex, it must be displayed, so it will be good movie! I like the movie of Dante's Cove, but I'm a bit not satisfied, because they are not show penis on film!

Its better than Queer As Folk??

If you like Dante's cove, you can read my blog:

See U!

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