Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Josh

As promised, here are a few more pictures of Josh, the first non-Brazilian hottie feautured at Made In Brazil.



The kid is hot, no? Modesty aside, I sure know how to pick them. For more pictures of this cutie from Ohio, check out All American Guys. There is a hot shower picture after the jump, and a very exlcusive video coming this Wednesday.


Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month courtesy of All American Guys.


wow yummy.. where's the uncensored pic in part 1? ;-)


Videos, books, CDs, DVDs...everything on him. LOL

Please I'm begging you it would mean the world to me if you sent me the uncensored pic in part 1 or any other pics u have of him showing his manhood!

LOL @ Lorenzo. I don't need the books.

I wish Josh was a REAL college football player in the USA. He is not holding his ball correctly. But I would love to see MORE of him. I would even kiss him on the lips.


As much as Ohio does wrong, they sure seem to have an abundance of hot guys.


god this guy is so hot!

He's so frickin hot!

Josh, when you read this, and you're ready to play some real games. Come on out to Los Angeles, and look me up. I'm the guy in the biggest house on the hill. You won't have any trouble finding me.

i would be really pleased if somebody could send some more pics of this dude

superbe model

I would love to see more pics of Josh appear in my mail box if anyone has them especially uncensored pics of him showing his manhood! please send some!

e-mail is [email protected] forgot it in the last one!

hi i'm alyssa ashley Tomasetti i just wanted to say that that guy is cute ok bye people

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